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Buyback :

  • IvaanJewels provides 100% buyback at the prevailing rate of gold/silver at the deduction of applicable GST and making charges; in all the cases, the current market value will be determined by the Ivaanjewels.

  • We provide the option for customers to sell their jewellery back to us at competitive market rates.

  • Our buyback policy ensures a convenient and reliable process, allowing customers to unlock the value of their jewellery with ease.

  • Buy back is not applicable on making charges and GST.

  • Any item that shows sign of damage, wear and tear, alterations, resizing or mishandling leading to reduction in metal weight as mentioned in the invoice shall be reduced from the final weight of metal in valuation.

  • We reserve the right to Buy-Back amount of the product(s).

  • Based on our quality inspection, the product is first scrutinized by a Purity test after the receipt of your product, basis which we will initiate the Buyback.

  • The products should be bought either from the Store(s) of IvaanJewels or the official Website of IvaanJewels.

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